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Almost every floor surface can be dramatically transformed by floor burnishers, buffers, floor polishers and scrubbers. The following is a description of the flooring surface for which these floor cleaning machines are ideally designed:Vinyl is a form of resistant flooring that is waterproof and wearable. Checkout Park Avenue Flooring for more info.

Normally, with traditional techniques, this type of flooring can be cleaned easily enough. The problems with cleaning vinyl floors arise when persistent stains, or other materials that are difficult to remove, start to appear that cannot be wiped away so easily, such as gum.Cleaning off vinyl and PVC flooring of this type of persistent substance requires the use of the correct type of tools to achieve this without damaging the floor in the process. This is where there are floor polishers and buffers in their own right. The floor polisher pads allow for the removal of persistent substances after cleaning, leaving scratches on your flooring.Vinyl or PVC flooring should be used for the extension of the floor pads to the floor polishers.It can appear rather dull and fade very quickly if linoleum is washed instead of polished. As the colours in the linoleum flooring are literally washed out of the floor during the cleaning process, this deculturation takes place.It is best for longer Linoleum to keep your Linoleum flooring looking. Ideally, it needs to be polished using a floor polisher. Polishing Linoleum flooring will not wash the colour out of the floor, so the colour locked inside will be retained by your floor, keeping its vibrant look longer.Ideally, the extension of the floor pads should be used for Linoleum flooring.Ideally, commercial wood floors should not be cleaned by traditional mopping methods, but rather by being polished. This is because conventional cleaning techniques, such as mopping, are very timely in comparison to polishing to complete to a high enough standard.Polishers provide several additional advantages that cannot be achieved by mopping alone.