Choosing The Right On-Site Fleet Service

When managing a fleet, it is essential to track your vehicles fuel consumption because of a variety of reasons such as the rising price of fuel and fuel conservation. With the constant rise of fuel costs and concerns regarding fuel shortages, it is very important to manage fuel consumption. Because of the desire to control fuel consumption and effectively manage other areas like vehicle maintenance and repair, businesses make use of fleet cards which help keep vehicles fuel efficient and allow companies to control their costs better. Learn more by visiting On-Site Fleet Service – Diesel Truck Repair near Me.

About fleet cards
Fleet cards and fuel/gas cards are not necessarily the same thing. Fleet cards are a valuable tool used by fleet business to save money in the different areas of fuel operations. Fleet cards are known for keeping accurate records of fuel expenditures, and fleet card providers help businesses monitor all expenditures related to the owning and operation of their fleet vehicles.

Unlike gas cards, owning a fleet card comes with benefits other than just a convenient way to pay for fuel. Fleet cards can keep track of the maintenance and repairs done on a vehicle. When a repair has been completed on a fleet vehicle, a record is made on the fleet card software. In addition, the system can also do like GPS tracking which can help fleet operators check the status of their vehicles and provide drivers with maps to the most fuel-efficient and productive routes.

Furthermore, fleet operators can place restrictions on the card to only allow drivers to purchase fuel at certain times of the day. This will help encourage drivers to choose the best routes possible. As a security feature, fleet cards can provide security to ensure that unauthorized purchases are not being made on the card. Many cards require the driver to come inside and verify their ID and the fact that they are fueling a company vehicle. Drivers are also usually required to enter the mileage of the vehicle at the gas pump or inside the store which adds an even greater security measure to the card.

Choosing a fleet card
The fleet card business is becoming more and more competitive with fuel prices being as high as they are. More companies are finding that they can save money with fleet cards, but they are confused as to which to choose. That is why it is important to ask the following questions when choosing a fleet card that is right for your particular needs:

• Does the business need to be more fuel-efficient?
• Is the business in need of better maintenance and repair tracking?
• Is there a need to map out more fuel-efficient routes?
• Does the business need better security with fuel purchases?
• Is the business able to handle the fleet management or does an outside firm need to do it?

These are great questions to ask when choosing a fleet card []. The answers will determine what kind of fleet card and service that you need. There are companies that provide every single one of the above services if you need them and they do it at a cost that is quite reasonable.