Endoscopic Tummy Tuck

While submitting yourself to a full tummy tuck, there’s always a risk of a botched up job, leaving you with ugly scars. This is because this is a totally invasive procedure and requires long and deep incisions to get rid of the fat and the flab. However, there is now available a wonder technique called endoscopic tummy tuck that even scores over mini-tummy tuck, which too requires incisions, though to a lesser degree. Endoscopic tummy tuck, like all endoscopic surgeries, is becoming the preferred method of getting back into shape.Checkout original site for more info.

Understanding endoscopic tummy tuck

Any endoscopic surgery requires an endoscope, which is simply an instrument consisting of a hollow, thin, flexible tube that uses a lens or miniature camera for visually examining the interior of the body or organ, like the colon, bladder or stomach. Examining the body by means of an endoscope is called endoscopy.

Endoscopic tummy tuck is basically a procedure to tighten muscular contours of the abdominal region for patients with minimal or no excess skin. This procedure is preferred over full tummy tuck because it’s least invasive and leaves very little scarring, because of the small incisions usually hidden at the pubic hairline and navel. It can be used conjunction with liposuction too. This procedure has been found most ideal for weakened muscles of the lower abdomen and excess abdominal fat. However, it requires a relatively tight abdominal skin. If it’s loose, this procedure may not be sufficient enough to tighten it.

Endoscopic tummy tuck procedure

The good news is endoscopic tummy tuck procedure doesn’t require as elaborate an arrangement, as a full abdominoplasty procedure. This is because, unlike complete tummy tuck in which lengthy and deep incisions are made, the operation is done through a narrow opening in the endoscopic tummy tuck.

Endoscopic tummy tuck surgery is conducted by adding an endoscope to the surgical tool, which is then placed into a minor incision, typically over the pubis or in the navel, into the goal region. Under input from the endoscope, the cosmetic surgeon operates through this tiny incision to tighten the muscles and extract fat. For liposuction, this incision may also be used. The incision is sewed up until the operation is done, after fitting a drain into the incision. Endoscopic tummy tuck surgery requires this drain to get rid of the excess body fluids that build up during the operation, unlike a regular tummy tuck treatment.

Fast recovery is the strongest aspect of this treatment. It takes a slightly shorter healing period than a complete tummy tuck. This is because of the incision rate. The larger the cut, the longer the recovery time. Less discomfort and swelling is the other nice point of this surgery. You may feel mild to moderate discomfort and some swelling, but this is part of the normal process of healing.