Know About Glass Joint Tip

Glass joint tips can be simply a flat, small, smooth piece of glass blown into a blunt or pointed shape to fit in the mouth of your joint. They come with numerous advantages for the regular glass joint smoker. These include: Glass Joint Tips is easy and safe to use. They’re especially helpful when a joint begins to get down towards the ends. Do you want to learn more? Visit Glass joint tip.
The reason these bits are called glass joint tips is simply because you hold them and apply them in a way similar to a joint. This then allows a pathway for air to flow through the tip, which in turn gives off the smoke we all know. These tips will allow the transition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the herb you are smoking into your lungs. This in turn reduces the risk of cancer. Another benefit is the increased efficiency of the smoker by allowing the filtration of more air and less ash.
One thing you should know about the glass joint tips is that as your addiction increases, so does the size of the tip. If you are a heavy smoker and have found that your ash is making things a bit difficult to smoke, you may want to consider scaling back your smoking. You may also want to invest in some glass filters as well. They can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your kit. Just keep in mind that as your addiction decreases the size of the glass filter tip may need to be reduced.