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I have a confession to make, and I appreciate the practise of criminal defence. As a criminal defence attorney, whether it is traffic, DWI/DUI, misdemeanour or felony, I represent those charged with a crime. As I have heard from many people, I defend the ‘scum of the earth’ according to the explanation. Since deciding this was my field of practise as a lawyer, I have heard from friends, family, and even total strangers that my chosen profession is ‘wrong,” despicable,’ I have even been told what I do is ‘what’s wrong with America.’ I try to have a legitimate conversation with these people to clarify my decision Sometimes, these conversations go well and sometimes they don’t.Checkout Hempstead Criminal Defense Attorney for more info.

In either case, the publication of an article conveying the rationale of this criminal defence attorney could provide some insight into the defence of the accused to those who otherwise do not understand and certainly do not approve of it. Ever since I took criminal law and evidence in law school, I have known that I wanted to be a criminal defence attorney. However, until I was studying Constitutional Law, I didn’t know why this profession was so important. It is the Constitution that offers the freedoms that we enjoy today to every one of us. These freedoms are taken for granted by most individuals, mainly because they are not faced with a situation where they would be protected by these rights. Nevertheless, should they be necessary, these rights remain available. The Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and due process, the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures, and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, are examples of these rights. In an attempt to ensure that innocent people are not convicted as a result of forced confessions, lack of legal representation or lack of due process, these constitutional rights have been designed and maintained.


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