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Leave The Key Homebuyers - Long Island Cash Home BuyersBuying an investment property is a wonderful way to build up a portfolio for the future. Rather than tying your money up in stocks and bonds, you can grow a property portfolio of rental properties, enjoying a monthly return on your investment. While this sounds appealing, there are a number of important factors you must take into consideration before buying any houses to rent out to potential tenants, ensuring you get the best return on your investment and that your property doesn’t stand empty, costing you money, for long periods of time. Kindly visit Leave The Key Homebuyers – Long Island Cash Home Buyers for more information.

The first thing you are going to want to do is focus on the location. Each neighborhood has their own advantages, their own rental prices and their own tenant types. Speak to your estate agent and see where they recommend you invest to ensure you get the best tenants, your house to rent will always be occupied and you are assured of the best rental. Bear in mind that this will also be determined by how much you have available to spend, whether you intend taking out a loan to pay part of the balance and what type of property you are looking for.

Always pay close attention to the property’s proximity to schools. If the houses to rent you are thinking of buying are all family homes, then schools are essential. Many families require their children to walk to and from school each day, or they drop them off on their way to work in the mornings. You need to ensure there are good schools close to the property to appeal to families who are looking for a new family home to rent.

Focus on the crime rate in the area. Think of yourself in a potential tenants shoes, do you want to find houses to rent in an area which doesn’t have a good crime rate? Ensure you choose a neighborhood which has a low crime rate, this will make a big difference to your tenant from a safety element to how much they pay for car insurance, you will be amazed what a difference taking this factor into consideration can make when finding the perfect tenant for your new investment property.

Look at the proximity of the houses to rent to public transport systems. Remember not everyone has their own vehicle and even those that do will rely on public transport to get to and from the office. There should be good public transport links within easy walking distance of the property. This can make a significant impact on potential tenants, enabling the children to get to school and the adults to get to work with ease each day.

Always ensure you identify how long properties stay empty in each of the areas you are looking in. The last thing you want is to take out a mortgage, buy a house to rent and then have it sit empty for weeks or months on end. You want to ensure that you get a tenant in the shortest period of time, which is why you want to ensure your estate agent helps you find a house in a high demand area, where you will have numerous tenants all waiting in line to sign a lease and move in, ensuring you start earning an income in the shortest space of time.

The final decision you have to make when it comes to buying houses to rent is the return on your investment that you can expect. If you have taken a mortgage to pay for the property, the monthly rental should cover the mortgage repayment. You don’t want to find yourself having to pay into the account each month. The property should be able to pay for itself, with you having the ability to put some cash aside for unexpected repairs and maintenance needs.