Ready, Set, Slow! For a Healthy Summer

Doesn’t it feel like we were celebrating spring just yesterday and now summer is already on the horizon? Summer conjures up welcoming memories of barbecues, days at the beach, farmers ‘ markets and street fairs for many people. Although summer is followed by feelings of struggle and anger around it’s revealing form, body hugging fashions, high energy activities, and endless abundance of enticing foods for those who want to lose weight and boost their overall health; get to a point where there seems to be at least one BBQ every weekend, right? If you have already fallen short on your new year and spring goals to lose weight, tone up, and improve your fitness, just the idea of trying to stay fit and safe for summer is extremely disheartening. The question now is how we can make the effort for better health and well-being different and more successful this season than our previous attempts, so that we can really enjoy summer 2013. great post to read

All things quick and simple are highly valued in our fast-paced, multi-tasking, ever-demanding world, from online shopping to meal planning to accessing knowledge and losing weight convenience, king, queen and better make up the rest of the court to keep us feeling satisfied and moving forward constantly. But there are some places, including your weight and your fitness, where you don’t gain quickly and easily. For long-term success, seeking outcomes from fast and simple approaches is the wrong mindset. No effort equals fast. For instance, how many health and fitness articles you have read that offered fast solutions to your areas of concern; you read the article, don’t act on the advice and tips given, then go on with your life. This is because they are fast and simple solutions, and they do not solve the root of your problems and barriers or keep you responsible for any time or effort spent. The same is true for diets consisting of unrealistic mail regiments or meals that do not teach you how to build healthier behaviours so that you have the resources and basis to sustain any progress you may make.

The most sensible move for you to take right now, instead of the fast fixes and the all or nothing strategy, is to integrate basic healthy lifestyle improvements. It can be daily exercise, eating more vegetables, cooking more often at home, driving less and walking more. For 30 days, start with one healthy habit, the period of time it takes to change / create habits, but begin by choosing only one so that you can sustain it and stop feeling frustrated. If you feel secure enough to introduce another healthy habit after a few weeks into the month, go for it by all means.

Focus on the bigger picture to help keep you going by being straightforward on your why and when. Besides fitting into an outfit or looking good for an event or a season, why is it critical for you to be in good health and at a healthy weight? Are you worried about nutrition-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure , and heart disease that occur in your family and want to avoid them? For you and your family, what would better health mean? Will you have more energy to play with your children and/or grandchildren or to go on the family holiday packed with activity and adventure? Spending quality time cooking nutritious meals and enjoying them? Holding the larger picture in mind would make it much smoother to take the smaller steps.