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Your first call after an accident should always be to emergency dental care if the dental accident occurs outside of clinic hours. In case of an emergency, you need immediate attention because of severe pain and swelling. The message on your answering machine should also provide you with information on how to get to a dentist in case of an emergency. It is always advisable that you take down the details of the phone number and your name and telephone number from the dental cards that you keep in your pocket or purse.Checkout Tuckahoe dentist for more info.

A good practice is to have an alternative contact number in your pocket so that you can make an appointment directly with the emergency dentist if the emergency occurs. When you are having a tooth pulled, you will be given instructions about what to do for a follow up appointment. This is a standard procedure in emergency dental care. You will also receive instructions on how to handle the situation if there are pain problems, swelling or other complications that occur after the pulling procedure. If you are taken to the emergency dental care unit, the dental hygienist will explain to you what to expect from that point forward, as well as give you the chance to ask questions.

An important part of emergency dental care is that dentists are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You might not have the time during the evening or on weekends to go to the clinic. This is why it is important to call during office business hours. Your regular dentist may not be available on the night or weekend, unless his or her office has an in-house emergency room. Even when a dentist’s office does not have an emergency room, dentists know that patients often wait for the dentist long after the problem has been fixed. Be sure to call as soon as the pain starts so that the tooth problem can be corrected before it gets worse.


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