A Guide to How Bail Works in Real Life

The problem is that most people’s perception of posting bail is based on television shows that often take liberties with how bail bonds actually operate. It is impossible to predict what will happen in one’s life, which is why it is important to understand the legal system. Have a look at bonds.

On television, a bail bonds agent is usually represented as a person who helps people get out of jail. When they do their job, they are often depicted as being efficient and fast. However, Hollywood’s legal strategy allows for a lot of leeway, all in the guise of artistic licence. The following is an overview of what television gets wrong about bail bonds and how they function in real life.

Hollywood Goes Wrong on a Number of Occasions

A member of the ensemble commits a criminal offence. One of the characters ends up in the big house, whether they were driving under the influence or unintentionally doing something they didn’t want to. In sitcoms, it’s typical for the incarcerated character to encounter strange and bizarre inmates before anyone comes in and tells them that they’ve made bail.

This is a popular scene in many television shows, and it is full of legal inaccuracies. First and foremost, it must be stated that cops are not obliged to make a phone call to a detained person. Most importantly, posting bail does not imply release.

The procedure of an arraignment, where the charges will be listed, is often left out of TV shows. The judge will determine if the person is eligible for bail and how much it will cost to post bail. Even if a character is out on bail, they are only free until the day of their trial.

How Does It Work in Practice?

When a person is arrested and is needed to post bail but lacks the financial resources to do so, he or she may seek the assistance of a bail bonds agent. The agent will request a fee from the individual in custody, which will be a percentage of the amount set by the judge. This fee is meant to reward the bail bondsman for his or her efforts.