The Evolving Role of Drama and Acting Schools

It is an indisputable reality that in recent days there has been a increase in the number of acting and drama colleges. This fact is attributed to a multitude of considerations. In recent days, the biggest one is the powerful emerging and increasing curiosity in acting (and other creative careers). This is in turn attributable to the ‘celebrity culture’ that has taken hold; where celebrities who make a name for themselves go on to make amazingly big fortunes for themselves through such artistic careers. Suddenly, we wind up having more than all the strongest doctors, attorneys and developers with artists, singers and even DJs! Indeed, nowadays, it is anticipated that certain artists would receive more than ‘professionals,’ which would have been unexpected only a few decades back, when anyone trying to make a profit had to resort to careers certain as science, law, and engineering. Checkout Innovative Actor’s Studio.

Too much for the increasing curiosity in musical professions, since that’s where fame and wealth are now, in short.

But then something else came into being-and this is what really is behind the growing interest in acting schools. This new trend is that, for the most part, the artists of today are made rather than born. The idea that a ‘average’ personality can be transformed into a star artist with the right preparation and persistence has taken root. Why can’t they also be moulded into artists if a ‘ordinary’ individual could be moulded into a doctor, lawyer or engineer? What anyway needs further training? Of note, all this controversy is in great contrast to what we saw only a few years earlier, where ‘talent’ rather than preparation was credited to great artistry. For example, the actors of those days were usually people who ‘had acted in their blood’ – so all they had to do was audition for a play, film or programme series; the director gave some acting tips here and there – and get going with their roles. Indeed, weren’t some so good that it would have been superfluous to give them acting tips? In short, acting was about talent rather than training.

To be sure, even today, when we see a great actor, we are likely to say that they are ‘highly talented,’ rather than ‘highly trained.’ However, what has changed about the ‘talented’ bit is that, unlike in the old days when only some people were said to be talented, today everyone is seen as potentially talented, just waiting for the right training to unleash that talent.