Customer Service – It’s Not Rocket Science!

Lots of improvements have happened over the years I have spent in and around the customer service industry. Methods of engaging with the client. The multitude of ways clients connect with businesses. Employee performance tracking and measuring. Metrics and further measurements. This approach compares with the technique. Such modifications have also helped to create a better customer experience for the user. However, it seems like some of these developments make it hard for some individuals to grasp what they mean and how they affect customer service. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about improvement-where are we going to be if everything remains the same? The one thing I’ve found is that it’s not rocket science customer service. In this analytical brain of mine, there is a question that keeps running around-what would we rely on to provide better customer service if these improvements were non-existent? The response I get is-we will focus on basic concepts of human interaction. For a minute, let’s turn off all the tools as we look at a few of these values. Learn more about 5 Services Brand-New Startups Should Always Outsource.

Principle of Respect-Each person deserves a measure of respect because they are a human being. The same holds true for clients, in my view. Every customer deserves a measure of respect, even though their acts are quite callous and uncaring, during these interactions it is still possible to show basic respect. It’s been my experience that when one stays polite during customer encounters, the interaction typically has a positive result. How many of you got a customer call back or return visit that was overtly rude to apologise for their behaviour? Without a deliberate effort to always give a measure of respect to every customer, this would not be possible. On another note, based on consumer size or sales, some businesses offer priority. While understanding how much a client contributes to the bottom line is wise, be careful not to make the smaller client feel unimportant. Treat all clients with respect-make sure that they realise how important they are to the success of your company. Employees in the company should treat one another with dignity. One’s rank or position does not exclude one from this concept. The respect given to the customer becomes internal respect. Within the company , make sure that this idea is very obvious as the failure to do so will most likely affect customer service.

Service Theory-It seems to me that the primary purpose of any company offering a product or service is to support those who call, visit, visit or visit a representative of that company in person or through the web. Service is defined as ‘an act of helpful activity; assistance; aid.’ How can all of us in the industry of customer service be more beneficial to those we serve? Should we actually take the time to help our clients or are we more concerned with being calculated when serving the client? Are our acts truly “helpful practises” or are we only offering appropriate assistance for the short-term satisfaction of the consumer because our metric says it is time to end the interaction? Customers expect to be serviced in a timely manner by someone who is interested in doing what is best for the consumer, with a certain measure of respect. The leaders of the company are responsible for creating a community whose main purpose is to represent the consumer properly.