Funeral Services for your loved one- Intro

There are many ways that you can offer your client families truly personalized funeral services. You might be surprised to learn that many of the ways you can achieve them is with simple to use funeral software that allows customization of everything from the register book to the temporary grave marker. Here is the Source.

When client families come to you for assistance in planning and executing the funeral service of a loved one, they expect you to make recommendations that reveal your expertise. Fortunately, in this day and age, you have the major advantage with funeral software, designed specifically for the funeral industry professionals. Giving you the ability to personalize a funeral from start to finish, the numerous ways you achieve a truly memorable service are almost limitless. Let’s look at three of them now that you can easily manage in-house.

Funeral Stationery

With the ability to establish a highly individualized tone that pays sincere homage to the deceased, funeral stationery is exceedingly customizable now with the latest funeral stationery software. Using the pre-formatted templates available in this software, you are guided through very simple steps that include selecting photos of the departed and a theme that embodies his or her spirit during life. Through a large variety of options, you can create memorial folders, a register book, thank you cards, bookmarks, prayer cards and tri-fold programs. From the first item guest see, the register book, to long-lasting prayer cards and bookmarks, the personalization elements of the stationery combine to create a uniquely individualized look and feel.

DVD Tribute Videos

At the service itself, a DVD video tribute is an impressive world-class production that sets photographs and videos to music and can include hymns or poems as well as other written material that was meaningful to the departed. Quickly becoming one of the most requested items at funeral services, tribute videos serve to unite mourners in the celebration of the life of their loved one. They also have long-lasting value as they can be copied for distribution to friends and family, or uploaded to your funeral homes website.

Funeral Candles

More and more funeral services are including candles. A candle elicits a great emotional effect as it flickers and glows as if it had a life of its own. What many people don’t realize is that funeral candles can be personalized, just like funeral stationery. These customizable funeral candles consist of a four-sided beveled glass holder surrounding an all-natural, replaceable candle set on a cherry word base. Applying the same theme that was chosen for the other funeral products and using a simple pre-formatted template, the outcome is a beautiful item that the bereaved can light on anniversaries, birthdays or any time they wish to reflect on the life of their loved one.