Window Tinting Myths and Facts

There are many myths about window tinting, ranging from scepticism about its advantages to conflict about its aesthetic appeal. In reality, the picture that comes to mind when many people think of tinted windows might be flashy cars with dark opaque windows—not something you’d want at home.Have a look at Tint World-San Antonio Window Tint for more info on this.

Window tinting is more helpful than you may have expected, which some do not understand because of some widely held myths. Here are some of the most common window tinting misconceptions:

Myth 1: Windows that are tinted are too dark. It’s not real. It does not mean that your rooms will be dark and rainy and that you will never be able to enjoy the sunshine by having your windows tinted. Some films are designed to be almost imperceptible in order to keep your windows translucent, enabling you to vary the luminosity of your rooms with curtains or blinds.

Myth 2: For plants, tinted windows are evil. It can be harmful to too much of something and your plants can potentially dry out from overexposure to too much heat. By shielding them from excess heat and sunshine, having your windows tinted will keep your indoor plants safe and hydrated.

Myth 3: Tinted windows prohibit you from enjoying the scenery outside. Not all window films are reflective, contrary to popular opinion. There are films on either side that are not reflective at all and those that make the windows from the outside opaque and from the inside translucent. Getting your windows tinted does not mean that the view can no longer be appreciated by you.

Myth 4: Tinted windows make you look unattractive at home. There are a wide range of window movies to choose from and you can choose a shade that compliments your windows easily. There are also films that are almost invisible, and, if you choose, you can always go for one of these.

Myth 5: It’s too pricey for tinted glass. It is actually really cheap to have your windows tinted. The price is equivalent to having any window treatment and has the added bonus of making your home more energy-efficient. By blocking the light of the sun, window films reduce the cost of cooling and they also reduce the cost of heating by insulating your home and stopping heat from escaping. In most situations, within a few years, window tinting eventually pays for itself in energy savings.

High quality window tinting, professionally mounted, will make your home more comfortable and help you save on your energy bill. The benefits given outweigh those that are offered by other solutions for window care. The truth is, getting your windows tinted really does not have any drawbacks.